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Film Premise and Review: Synecdoche, New York

I went to see this film last night. Read if you want spoilers. Otherwise, I would advise you to stop. Read more…

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Stale Beginnings

When I was a mere chil’ I wanted to be many things; Best Brown Owl of all time with the most badges in the world, the mother of a child from every ethnic group imaginable, a doctor and soon after a vet and an astronaut. Even then I had asserted how unattainable all of those roles were. Firstly, I was a terrible brownie/guide and throughout the period in which I involved myself in such things, I only got one badge. And it was mandatory. And it was for being able to walk in a balanced fashion along a metal fence which is a very useful life skill, wouldn’t you agree? Everyone knew I was only there because the only two friends I had in the world, incidentally twins, were very much into the brownie and guide malarkey. Secondly, even at a young age, a child knows that having many kids is a ruddy big responsibility and a lot of effort. It’s hard enough doing your chores when you’re ten years old. Apparently this is an outdated notion, as I walk down the street and often see teenage children boasting the very ideas I had long ago dismissed. Thirdly, I soon recognised my aversion to the sight of blood, human or otherwise. I witnessed my mother having tooth surgery at the hospital one day and promptly fainted. All I remember is standing and soon after, waking to find nurses staring at me from above, my mother still in the dentist-esque chair, wounds still open. This was further made clear to me in my adulthood, when at a party a friend managed to pull a chunk of skin through the cogs of a wine opener and bled. When we went to the hospital, the nurses were asking me what was wrong for, apparently, they suspected I was needing tending to. And the astronaut part? Queasiness, wheeziness and short sightedness all put an end to that, though it was never a serious aspiration. Everyone wants to be in a spaceship.

Jumping forward through time, I have since made numerous poor choices in order to obtain the stance I have come to today including GCSEs, A Levels and a degree I despise. The conclusion I have come to is that I want to be a Journalist. As a child and through my teens, the biggest things I was interested in were News, Factual Programmes, Documentaries, Stories and Films though adults never make it clear to you at that age that going down that route would be a viable option, or any option at all. I don’t blame my parents. I was a prolific musician so it probably seemed better to encourage the obvious, and lacking any insight into what I wanted, and what with it being degree choosing time, I voted Music and Arts Management. This turned out to be the wrong choice and 3 years on from graduation, I now have a piece of paper worth just under £10,000 somewhere in a folder and approximately an equal amount of loans still waiting to be repaid. Sigh.

So here I am again, par for the course of most graduates, apparently. This blog will serve as home to my journalistic articles, reviews and exercises I plan to write. Comments and advice are welcomed.


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