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This Week in the News: Week Beginning 21/12/2009

I was between three and seven years old when I first remember encountering snow. Read more…

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This Week in the News: Week Beginning 14/12/2009

This week, on Wednesday 16th, people were ‘up in arms’ about an advertisement for face cream promising the world. Lead model, Twiggy, was airbrushed to give the impression that the cream works miracles and people complained that this was dishonest. Well, let me tell you something:

Obviously, I don’t condone this, but I also know there is no such thing as a miracle cream or indeed a miracle product. At least not one that doesn’t cause heart failure or the spontaneous loss of skin. Some people, however, just want to be lied to.

The beauty industry have been doing this to us for years. You can see it, for instance, in mascara advertisements which promise to produce thickening results. However, the models can be visibly seen to be supplementing their luscious eyelashes with fake additives. Or you can see it in the man moisturiser ads that use words such as ‘technology’ or ‘booster’ to draw in males uncomfortable with caring about their skin for fear of being called ‘gay’.

Turbo booster, by any other name is still just moisturiser.

I don’t know what makes me sadder: that we are being lied to, know it and have come to terms with it; or that there are some people out there who think their complaints will make a difference to an industry based on misleading. I’m just waiting for the day when some beauty provider tries to sell a product with the slogan, ‘Old age and flab are a drag, but there’s HOPE – now in a cream!’ I imagine it would sell because ultimately, that’s all people want, isn’t it…

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Wedding Speech

My brother got married yesterday and our dad spoke on behalf of the family, but this is what I would have said had I thought it appropriate:

“There are nine years between my brother Nic and I. When I became old enough to be able to play with him, he was in his teenage years and old enough to think it un-cool to play with one’s younger sister. When he wasn’t home – perhaps at scouts or practicing in his band, ‘pseudo-genius’ – I would sneak into his room, when it was safe enough to do so, open the drawer compartment in his bed and fish out his lego space ship, his star wars and Lion-O figurines or his transformer cars that he kept in a blue clip-top container. Later, this would extend to books, or computer games such as Sam and Max or Chips. When I knew he would surely be returning home, I would put the items back in their places and pretend as if I’d never stepped foot in the room, even going so far, sometimes, as to walk backwards out of the room, thinking this would erase any possible trace that I had been there.. but, he always knew, like some sort of fun detective, and his response was always the same: “don’t touch that, Sophia! You’ll break it!” or “did you go into my room?!” I denied it, of course.

The first time I realised Nic and Nadya had something really special going on, Nadya had just broken Nic’s laptop. Anyone who knows Nic, know that computing is a large part of his life, so I waited for what I thought were the inevitable words “don’t touch my stuff!” but they never came. And to this day, though Nadya admitted a glass of water may have played a part in the crisis, he hasn’t said it. And that’s why I know Nic has found someone special enough that he is willing to share his stuff with. I look forward to when this includes a little niece or nephew for me to play games with, and Nic, I promise I won’t break them. To Nic and Nadya, I love you both. To love, family and sharing!”

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