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“We’re living in broken Britain”


I get the Times online daily news bulletin and Tuesday’s bulletin informed me that I am living in a broken Britain, and I don’t doubt that. There was a time when being British meant something. There was an unspoken pride in being British. We didn’t need to wave our flag and shout ‘USA!’ (or rather, UK, as is more apt) to people to make the point known. Ours was a good and noble country and plenty scaled the non existent walls to hop, skip and jump to get in. Now, our politicians have sullied our name, we’re just barely – and I mean barely at 0.1% – out of a recession, Neo-Natzis are running out every Black, Asian and Eastern European person in sight, and those who are still around can’t wait to get their money and get the hell out. There’s no solidarity and we haven’t felt kinship as a nation probably since humans first stepped on the moon, even if it was the Yanks that did it, and we’ve become such an introverted nation that everyone looks at everyone else suspiciously without cause. Mass media and movies suggest that every other person is a rapist, murderer or thief, so of COURSE, I get dirty looks all the time from mothers when I smile at their children, as if I am undoubtedly a child molester. Apparently I’m not the only person being suspected of wrong doing. I read in the paper a while back that an old lady’s camera was confiscated because she happened to take photos in a park and was thus suspected of taking photos of the children in the area for pornographic use! Talking of the children, they have better phones than I do, yet can’t find a belt that would sufficiently hold up their trousers and emulate the glamorous lifestyles of a gangster to make up for their own broken families. AND, to top it off, apparently our hellish ways are simply drawing in fundamentalists who want nothing more than to blow us up in the name of their God. Wonderful.

So, it is hardly surprising that in their poll, The Times discovered, SHOCK HORROR, that 70% of people believe that this country is broken. I feel sorry for here and now.

One of my favourite graphic novels, The Watchmen, pertained to this concept that war against some other entity created solidarity among people. This makes me wonder sometimes if we shouldn’t just penetrate the skies, annoy some aliens and get to shooting. Then perhaps people wouldn’t care so much about micro nations and just consider us as one. I could suggest that perhaps some political party might come in and ‘save the day’, but I’m far too realistic to suggest such a thing. In the meantime, I will just sit here in this chair and wait for Will Smith to infiltrate a space ship with a common cold. Then every nation can sing and dance together for a day. A girl can hope can’t she? A girl can hope…

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